Bikram Yoga &

Bikram Yoga Silent Class*

Bikram Method Yoga is a 90 minute yoga class conducted in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. This therapeutic sequence of 26 yoga postures is suitable for all ability levels and ages. Beginners are welcome!

*The silent class is comprised of the same classic 26 postures. The teacher practices with the class in order to provide a visual guide and announces the name of the poses as well as the beginning and end of each pose.

Express 60

The Express 60 is an abbreviated version of the original Bikram Method Yoga class. Two sets of the warm up poses are completed and one set of each yoga posture is completed thereafter. Perfect for those days when you are in a time crunch but need to still create your mind/body connection.

Pilates Core Fusion

Pilates Core Fusion focuses on increasing core strength and stability through slow paced, methodical mat-based exercises. In addition to core work, PCF also increases strength and flexibility of legs, glutes and arms. This class is conducted in a room with gentle, ambient heat.


Increase your strength and stamina through our fun, power packed one hour pyroPILATES classes. This fun, high intensity, low impact class is conducted in a heated room (102 degrees).

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